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Our goal at GrowthZone is to provide you with the training and documentation needed to be successful in implementing the ChamberMaster/MemberZone software solution. Regardless of your learning style, we provide you with several alternate methods for training:

  • Instructor Led On-line Webinars – a suite of training sessions lead by a certified GrowthZone trainer are available on a regular basis. These sessions provide a virtual classroom, where you can interact with the instructor. Click Here to view the training calendar.
  • Pre-recorded Sessions: If you prefer to listen to pre-recorded session, on your own schedule, a library of video recordings is available. Along with longer workshop recordings, you will also find short one-subject tutorials. Click Here to view the library of pre-recorded sessions.
  • Supplemental Handouts: If you prefer to read material (or wish to use handouts as you listen to an instructor led session/pre-recorded session), supplemental handouts are available for all sessions. Click Here to view the library of supplemental hand-outs.
  • Self-guided Help Documentation: A full online help Wiki is available to answer specific how-to questions that may come up as you are performing a specific task in the software. Click Here to view the WIKI.

Training Sessions

The following sessions are recommended as you begin the on-boarding process, or if you are new to the software. The training venues provided above give you a holistic foundation of the platform. As your onboarding project progresses, you will work with your project manager to implement the specific needs and requirements for your business using weekly 1:1 project time or other scheduled sessions as follow-up to the training venue used.

GrowthZone Solution Overview

The GrowthZone Solution Overview session is an introductory course to help new users (or those requiring a refresher) learn how to navigate in GrowthZone. This session will introduce participants to general navigation of the software, and an overview of each module will be shared to provide a basic understanding of what each module will accomplish.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Navigate the GrowthZone System
  • Common Icons
  • Overview of GrowthZone Modules

GrowthZone Communications & Lists/Committees

The GrowthZone Communications and List/Committee modules make it easy to connect with your board and to organize your contacts into lists for different types of communication. In this session, participants will learn how to setup and manage communications.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to customize signatures
  • How to create email templates
  • How to configure automated messaging
  • How to configure unsubscribe message for group-based emails
  • How to use archive email address when sending emails from outside of GrowthZone
  • How to create lists/committees
  • How to add members to lists/committees
  • How to send emails to lists/committees
  • How to send individual emails
  • How to log call/notes

GrowthZone – Setting Up Billing

GrowthZone allows you to easily generate invoices, send invoices, and manage payments. In this session, participants will learn the basic steps to perform initial setup of billing within the GrowthZone software.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to setup your Chart of Accounts
  • How to setup Payment Terms
  • How to setup Invoice/Statement Templates
  • How to configure System Billing Defaults
  • How to Setup Integrated Payment Processing
  • How to Setup Taxes
  • How to Setup Goods/Services

GrowthZone – Setting up your Membership Types and Online Application Form

Your membership packages allow you to provide different levels of benefits to your members. In this session participants will learn the skills to setup membership packages, and manage on-line applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Setup Membership Policies
  • How to Setup Directory Listing Types
  • How to Setup Membership Types (packages)
  • How to Setup Your Membership Application Form
  • How to Approve & Manage On-line Applications

GrowthZone - Managing Your Contacts & Members

Acquiring and managing contacts and members is made easy with GrowthZone. In the session users will learn the basics of setting up and managing their contacts and memberships.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Add New Business/Individuals to the Database
  • How to Add/Edit/Delete Contact Information
  • How to Setup Info Hub Access for Contacts
  • How to Add Memberships to Businesses/Individuals
  • How to Upgrade/Downgrade/Adjust/Drop Memberships
  • How to Use Contact Reports

GrowthZone Managing Your Billing

GrowthZone allows you to easily generate invoices, send invoices, and manage payments. In this session, participants will learn the basic steps to managing their billing.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Create Invoices
  • How to Accept Payments (Cash, Check, Credit Card)
  • How to Issue Credits
  • How to Issue Refunds
  • How to Process Write-offs
  • How to Run Upcoming Billing (for membership renewals, and other recurring fees)
  • How to Deliver Invoices
  • How to Re-deliver Over-due Invoices
  • How to Generate Accounting Reports
  • How to Review Accounting Summary for Accounting software updates

GrowthZone - Event Management

The GrowthZone Events module is designed to help you navigate every aspect of the event process - everything from inviting attendees to tracking registrations to creating invoices. In this session, participants will learn the basics of setting up events.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Create an Event
  • How to Customize an Event
  • How to Manage Event Invitations
  • How to Manage Event Registrations (Updates, Cancellations)
  • How to Generate an Event Roster
  • How to Generate Event Nametags
  • How to Check-in Event Attendees

GrowthZone Support WIKI

Visit the GrowthZone WIKI for additional step by step instructions, tips & tricks…