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Please note that the setup for Ads has changed. All the new instructions can be found on the new GrowthZone Knowledge Base!

Working with Banner Ads

The Sponsors/Ads module provides options for offering advertising opportunities to your members. This will give them additional exposure, as well as bring in additional revenue to your association. Through the back office you can upload and manage member advertisements. This includes the ability to select which module page the ads should appear on, which member the ad runs for, and what size of ad should display (the software provides you with a list of common advertising sizes, so you can easily place these on your web-site).

Setting up Website Ad Types (Styles)

When preparing to sell/display ads on your web-site, you must specify the ad sizes you wish to use. You can create specific advertising types, and select from a pre-populated list of common ad sizes. This will give you a starting point that will help in easily working with advertisers.

  1. Select Sponsors/Ads in the left hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Advertising Types tab. A list of available advertising types is displayed.
    Advertising Types SLW.png
  3. Click the Add Type button.
  4. Select the Ad Style from the drop-down list. The list is pre-populated with industry standard styles (Click Here for further information on industry standard ad styles). Once you have selected an ad size, the system will automatically populate the name and size (height and width) of the ad.
  5. The name of the ad will default to the type. It's a good idea to give it a name based on where you are going to place it--this will help you keep things straight as you add ads later.
  6. If you choose to you can resize the ad by editing the width and height fields
  7. Checking the Active box will make this Type available for use.
  8. Click Done

Enabling pages for Ads

  1. On the Advertisement Types tab, click the Enable/Disable on Pages button. A list of pages on which your advertisements can be included will be displayed.
    NOTE: Only the module pages that are active will show in this list. For example, ad can be placed on a List/Committee page, but that does not show in the image above because that module is not active in the database. Click here to see how to activate a module.
    Bulk Placement.jpg
  2. To change the placement of an ad, click the drop down arrow for the Top of Page and Bottom of Page options.
  3. Click Done.
NOTE: Each advertising type has its own unique dimensions. For best results, use a horizontal type for the top and bottom of the pages.

The module pages currently supported are:

  • Directory
  • Event Calendar
  • Application to Join
  • Contact Us
  • Content
  • Map
  • List/Committees
  • Form
  • Chapter Home Page
NOTE: Top of Page and Bottom of Page are available on the module pages listed above. Using a widget, ads can be placed in other locations on any page, whether they are module pages or not. Contact your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Support representative for help setting up a widget.

Adding Advertisements

  1. Select Sponsors/Ads in the left hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Advertisements tab. A list of all previously added advertisements will be displayed.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Configure the following settings:
    • Contact: Enter the name of the contact for this advertisement. This field will not be displayed on your web-site.
    • Description: Enter a description of the advertisement. This field will not be displayed on your web-site.
    • Start Date: Select the date this advertisement will begin to display on your web-site. Today's date will be the default,
    • End Date: Select the date this advertisement will no longer be displayed on your website--this will default to one year from today
    • Advertisement Url: Enter the url to which you want to direct the user from the ad.
    • Open In New Window: Select the check-box if you want the the ad to open in a new window (best practice).
    • Advertisement List: Click the Orange plus icon.jpg icon to configure the new advertisement.
    Ad List.jpg
    • Select an Advertisement Type from the drop-down list (Click Here for information on setting up your advertisement types). The Image Manager dialog box will be displayed.
    Image Manager3.jpg
    • Click the Upload button to upload the advertisement.
    • Click Crop & Save.
    NOTE: You can add additional advertisement by clicking the Orange plus icon.jpg icon, and repeating the steps above.
  5. Once you have added all the advertisements you wish, click Done

Working with Sponsorships

While you need to have the Sponsors/Ads module activated in order to manage sponsors within GrowthZone, you will actually do all of the setup and management within Setup and the Event module. See Event Sponsor Management for details.