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A free mobile app is available to all members of associations that use the GrowthZone software. By providing your members with the MemberPlus mobile app, your association is offering so much more than easy, direct access to your association office.

Mobile apps, downloadable on any Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet, create a brand new multimedia channel for retaining and engaging your members, especially those who already are active mobile users. While people of all ages use mobile apps, a mobile member app will often appeal to younger members. However, even older members appreciate the ease of using a mobile app on their smartphones or tablets.

There’s no additional cost to your association or your members. The MemberPlus app is available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. It’s designed for your members, much like the GrowthZone Staff app was designed for you to use. Essentially we wanted to create an easier way for your members to update their personal and company information, register for events, interact with other members, access the Resource center, etc…

Download the App

Logging in to the MemberPlus App

One Row.png

NOTE: Your Reps must have log-in credentials to the Info Hub in order to log into the MemberPlus App. Access to the MemberPlus App functions are driven by the permissions that the member has to the Info Hub.
  1. Click the MemberPlus App App icon.jpg icon on your device.
    App login.jpg
  2. Enter Username
  3. Enter Password.
  4. Click LOGIN.

The app will open on the main dashboard screen.

App dashboard.jpg

MemberPlus App Dashboard

App dashboard.jpg

The MemberPlus app Dashboard provides a variety of shortcuts to easily access the following:

  • Member Directories
  • Events
  • News (if applicable)
  • Job Postings (if applicable)
  • Hot Deals (if applicable)
  • Blogs (if applicable)

Click any of the icons to access the desired functionality.

MemberPlus App Navigation

When the MemberPlus App is first launched, the Dashboard will be displayed. The Dashboard provides quick-select icons for your members.

App dashboard.jpg

Members can also click the Menu icon.jpg icon, to view system navigation options.

App Nav Menu.jpg

One Row.png

NOTE: Options available in the navigation menu will be dependent on what you have implemented in your database. For Example: If you have multiple directories each will be displayed OR if you have not implemented web content, those items will not be displayed. All menu items will use the system terminology you have setup for your database.

Common MemberPlus App Functions

Place a Phone Call using the MemberPlus App

You members can easily place phone calls by clicking the App phone.jpg button. NOTE: This button will only be available where a phone number has been associated to the contact.

Email using the MemberPlus App

Your members can easily send emails by clicking the App email.jpg button. NOTE: This button will only be available where an email address has been associated to the contact.

Your members will also be able to send emails by clicking into an email address.

Send Email App.jpg

MemberPlus App Directory

Your members will be able to easily search the member directory using the MemberPlus App. If you have multiple directories, all directories will be accessible. To access the directory, the member simply needs to click the desired directory on the main MemberPlus App screen. Alternately, the member can click the Menu icon.jpg icon, to view system navigation menu and select the desired directory.

App Directory.jpg

Once the directory has been selected:

  • View the directory by members by clicking the Rep icon.jpg icon.
  • View the directory by businesses by clicking the Org icon.jpg icon.
  • Search the directory by typing into the search box.
  • Filter the directory by clicking the Filter icon.jpg icon. After entering filtering options, click the Save check-mark.jpg icon to apply the filters.
Directory filter options.jpg

Simply click on the desired member or business to view the contact's directory page.

Directory Details.jpg

If a phone number or email is available, your members can easily contact the member/business. See Common MemberPlus App Functions.